About Purpose Maven


Hey, it’s me- a  health research analyst by day and blogger by night (and weekends). I created this space to share my thoughts on the ways fear and circumstance (environment, trauma, racism, socio-economic position, etc.) prevent us from becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Achieving a purposeful life shouldn’t be a privilege. While it my be easier for some to realize their potential and reason for being here, others experience more difficulty uncovering their gifts due to their circumstances and fear.

These differences in realized potential perpetuate disparities in quality of life we see today.

Those who experience difficulty with realizing their potential may be blinded by the “hand they were dealt” (the circumstance) and the fear that is present because of this. This is understandable. I have dealt with these obstacles firsthand too.

Circumstance and fear cause us to merely exist as lower versions of ourselves when we could be living more fulfilled lives. This causes us to feel trapped.


Part of my reason for being here on earth is to use my voice to help others who feel too afraid or overburdened to use their known and unknown gifts to positively impact their own lives and the world at large.

I have worn many hats in my life- from a behavioral health scientist, to student, to writer, to life coach, and friend. I draw from all of these experiences and more to present rich content that will broaden perspectives, stretch you beyond your comfort zone, and break barriers that have been placed in your way.

Hopefully you find the content here helpful and encouraging. I welcome you to engage with and think about the concepts in which I discuss. That is the whole point of this space.

When life gives us lemons, let us use our natural abilities and talents to make a bomb pitcher of lemonade.